Our 2019-2020 Campaigns 
Earth Month

Earth Month is a celebration of our planet and the amazing people it supports! We host events throughout April to engage the UCLA community about sustainability. This year, we are hosting 3 main events. The first is the Earth Day Fair celebration, which has over 50 environmental clubs and organizations attend and promote sustainability to UCLA students. Our second event, is the quarterly Free Produce Fairs! During the beginning of every quarter (week 2), we partner with CalFresh and FoodFoward to take produce rejected by grocery stores purely based on look, and donate it to UCLA students for free! Our third event consists of Environmental Speaker Panels. During these events, we get environmental leaders both from UCLA and beyond to come speak about their research and experience. 

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Fair Trade

​The Fair Trade campaign is part of an overall national movement of university campaigns. We seek to raise awareness about Fair Trade options on campus and help students understand how buying Fair Trade impacts the lives of individuals around the world.​

Zero Waste

Zero Waste efforts advocate for sustainable waste practices. Our goal is to limit waste at UCLA as best we can.

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Project T.E.A.L.

Project TEAL (Training for Environmental Activists & Leaders) empowers young leaders to become proactive environmental stewards. One of TEAL's main focuses is herbicide usage. Partnering with @herbicidefreecampus, we educate students on the health hazards of toxic herbicides and work for cleaner herbicide alternatives on college campuses. Additionally, we focus on air pollution. As an issue that occurs right in our backyard, TEAL works to address how our communities (mainly low-income and communities of color) are disproportionately affected by the consequences of poor air quality. We host free environmental workshops, speaker panels, and more! 

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Water Conservation

The Water Conservation Campaign focuses on educating the UCLA student body on the various ways in which we consume, waste, and can conserve water in our daily lives. Believing that the first step to a more sustainable water future is acknowledging and understanding our excessive water consumption, we place education and outreach programs at the forefront of our campaign. By giving presentations, playing water conservation-related games, and getting UCLA students more aware of and involved in water sustainability, we are making steps toward influencing the next generation of water stewards.

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